PNP’s international services arrive with the Finelog network

Tuesday December 11th, 2018

International transportation incoming. The People ‘N People event ended this way: with the promises made on the occasion of the relaunch of the network, that are beginning to come true in order of priority. We have initiated a collaboration with Finelog, one of Poland’s main distribution: because transcending national borders is an indispensable element of every network, in order to fulfil promises and always remain transparent with our Associates.

Growth across the country, entry into Europe

Networks are well aware that being effective and prevalent across the country is not enough. An international, participatory and efficient distribution network is seen as necessary by companies. Today, the key to accessing increasingly interconnected markets is the ability to offer services on an international level. We aim to respond to this need for interconnection that the markets are now demanding of companies.

A network makes sense in relation to others

In order for a network to function, it must create strong relationships that support complex needs and, even if these needs change continuously, there are still some essential characteristics that must be respected: whichever route goods travel along within the network, the result must be synchronised. It is here, at this very point, that a true network is able to deploy all its strength as a network.

Its international presence, made even more effective thanks to the collaboration with local distribution companies such as Finelog, opens up a new phase.

We always put the best into the network, especially when it comes to building new relationships: because networks are made of people, and trust in it is built on their relationships.
Starting the work with Finelog involved various management figures and is seen as an opportunity to create added value. As a confirmation of our growth, we are preparing for an international opening without losing that identity-defining component that we strive to preserve.

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